Should a man have discharge during awakening and what kind?

The article was written to tell people whether or not spermatozoa are present in penile lubricant. Most likely, these are people who do not want an unplanned child.

What is the lubricant made of?

During sexual intercourse or in case of strong arousal, a man releases lubrication. Otherwise, to put it more scientifically, it is saidpre-cum. This process occurs to preserve the life of spermatozoa. In other words, without lubrication, the sperm will die on the way through the urethra. As a rule, the amount of this most secreted lubricant depends only on the man's lifestyle. Scientists have proven that the minimum value of the release of this liquid is 3 ml, and the maximum is 6 ml.

Only now not everyone knows why this liquid is needed. As already mentioned, lubricant supports the life of sperm, which means that this process helps to conceive a child. In more detail, the lubricant is released to destroy the acidic environment in the urethra directly in the male genital organ.

It also plays an important role in a woman's vagina during pre-ejaculatory discharge. A woman's vagina has an acidic environment, and a woman cannot get pregnant without lubrication in a man.

lubrication in men when excited

Another fact is that it is the lubricant that relieves the pain when the male member enters the vagina, otherwise the woman simply could not bear such pain.


Sometimes this natural secretion has an unnatural smell. Oil-producing glands located in the area of the head and foreskin secrete a fluid that accumulates in poor hygiene conditions, causing an unnatural odor.Smegma can be abundantly secreted, facilitating the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

More attention should be paid to men aged 16-25, at this age sexual characteristics have increased in the body. To completely eliminate smegma, it is necessary to wash the penis twice a day using antibacterial soap.The abundance of whitish plaque with an unpleasant, pungent smell is associated with smegma, which many men hide the real problem: chlamydia, gonorrhea, thrush.

Norm or deviation?

An unequivocal sign of pathology is the appearance of mucus, pus, discoloration, fishy or sour smell, stickiness or turbidity.

  • Medium density;
  • Transparency;
  • No smell.

In addition to diseases, the quality of cannabis is affected by:

It is important to analyze with small changes in color and consistency:

  • Own sex life, the presence or absence of casual and unprotected relationships;
  • Factors that cause a decrease in the protective functions of the body;
  • Possible changes in the usual menu;
  • The presence of comorbid diseases.

Sperm color and density

What should be the color and density of sperm? How much should be noticeable during an ejaculation? Why does the amount change? Not everyone knows that the appearance of discharge depends on many reasons:

  • Heredity.
  • Food.
  • The state of the hormonal background.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.

Color can tell a lot about health. The sperm of a healthy man has a transparent, gray-white color. The presence of any problem can be indicated by the fact of color change: if the sperm has acquired an unnatural or dark shade, this is a clear signal to go to the doctor.

If the sperm was very transparent, then there is no question of serious disorders. Probably drank too much liquid or had frequent sex. Tanning and getting a brown color indicates a mixture of old blood. A very yellow, saturated shade is usually not dangerous, it may contain urine. However, if the color has turned dirty yellow, combined with an unpleasant rotten smell, it is likely that there is an infection in the body.

Pink or red discharge can have two causes: the consumption of foods and drinks containing dyes, or the presence of blood. You should not be too afraid, because this is not always a dangerous sign. Blood can come from the capillaries opened during too intense sex. The reason for the appearance of blood can also be inflammatory processes in the seminal vesicles or prostate. Green color and strong unpleasant odor are symptoms of sexually transmitted disease. It is worth consulting a doctor without delay.

changes in secretion in men

If there are any changes in the sperm, it is worth finding out the reasons for this.

Don't worry if the cause is food or drink with added dyes. If the color has changed dramatically or clots are detected, it's time to make a diagnosis.

The possibility of pregnancy from the discharge (lubrication) of a man

Coitus interruptus is the oldest, albeit unreliable, method of contraception. The probability of conception with this method of protection is 25-30%.

Even if the man does everything right, some of his lubricant remains in the woman's vagina. There is an idea among people that it is quite simple to get pregnant without lubrication.

In turn, some doctors adhere to this point of view, while others categorically reject it.

The origin of the lubricant. During sexual arousal, a viscous transparent discharge appears from the urethra (lubrication, pre-ejaculation, semen, Cooper's fluid) in a man. The volume of lubricant depends on the individual characteristics of a person and varies from 0. 01 to 5 ml.

Pre-ejaculation is the secretion of the bulbourethral glands (Cooper's glands) mixed with a small amount of Littre's glands. Paired Cooper's glands are located between the muscle bundles of the urogenital diaphragm (in front of the pelvic floor), numerous Littre's glands are located along the entire length of the urethra.

Cooper fluid:

  • alkalizes the environment in the male urethra and female vagina, as high acidity is harmful to sperm;
  • covers the mucous membrane of the male urethra, thanks to which spermatozoa move faster and stick less to the walls of the urethra;
  • acts as a lubricant during contact;
  • contains immunoglobulins that prevent the penetration of pathogens into the tissue and clean the urethra from them (mucus does not save from sexually transmitted diseases).

Cooper's and Littre's glands have nothing to do with the formation of spermatozoa, therefore, initially, during pre-ejaculation, there is no seed in it and there cannot be.

Contraceptive methods

Coitus interruptus is considered an unreliable method of contraception, and doctors generally do not consider it so. So, maybe if you don't plan pregnancy in a certain time, you should choose more reliable methods so that you don't regret what happened later and don't hurt your body with an abortion. Currently, there are ways to prevent pregnancy:

  • use of condoms;
  • installation of an intrauterine device;
  • the use of candles;
  • the use of contraceptive drugs and more.
methods of contraception during sexual intercourse

To get acquainted with all methods of contraception, you can contact a gynecologist with this question, he will not only talk about the features of each method and will choose the most convenient one. This usually happens only after passing certain analyses.

Is it possible to get pregnant from fat?

There is a possibility. In the cases mentioned above, sperm can be mixed with smegma. Smegma (lubrication) itself does not contain any spermatozoa, but with repeated movement or delayed ejaculation, the gums can reach it. You have to be careful when defending an act cut. Many people do not consider abstinence to be a defense.

Oil can mix with semen. If there is repeated intercourse or a strong delay in ejaculation, when the sperm is already in the vas deferens. Had or not had sex. There is no need to invent reasons for a perfect conception.

When a member is penetrated, you should already assess the risk, you should know exactly the girl's menstrual cycle, diseases related to her body. As a result, we come back to the individuality of man.

It is very difficult to name the percentage of pregnancy from preseminal fluid. Often, girls think that sex has stopped, but in practice, the partner simply did not have time to remove the penis.

Interest rates are rising here. Lubricant is already mixed with spermatozoa. The egg can be fertilized. There is no 100% chance of getting pregnant, the risk is still high.

Now let's focus on the possibility of getting pregnant through sexual intercourse (marriage) without penetration or release of sperm in underwear, in the water of the bath, in the labia of the vagina.

Absolutely not (0. 1%). The corpuscle (more precisely, the acrosome in the spermatozoon) secretes hyaluronidase. Imagine that an ordinary person has to run 10 kilometers with deadly obstacles, the same thing happens with spermatozoa, translating the microscopic distance from the beginning of the vagina to the egg.

Not everyone survives vaginal discharge - Darwin's law of selection. They secrete an enzyme (accelerator of reactions) hyaluronidase near the egg, but a sufficient amount is needed. 300 million sperm are needed for conception, even 2 million will not be enough. Moreover, the vaginal environment is important for sperm, where they can live longer.

Muscle contraction of the penis also plays a special role, which helps to cover a greater distance. I hope there is no doubt about these myths. Of course, when a member enters the vagina, there are completely different percentages.

A girl wants to understand her body. You need to understand what happens during sex. There was no penetration - a very small percentage of the concept.

If a guy has finished his underwear, stomach, even if there is a small amount on the labia, do not worry. In this case, the release of seminal fluid is not dangerous.

A good old pregnancy test strip will completely eliminate the anxiety. Pregnancy involves many factors which are discussed in this article.

Pregnancy does not always occur during vaginal discharge. The body of a man and a woman is individual - the main thing to learn from this article.

It's nice to enjoy sex, but you have to judge the actions soberly and know the woman's menstrual cycle, you have to trust your partner, but it's better to buy condoms or use contraceptives. Scientists are trying to improve them. Tablets can harm health.

Violation of sperm production

In some cases, a man's sperm may be produced less or completely absent. A number of factors cause this violation, which should be discussed in more detail. A complete lack of seminal fluid can cause weight gain, hormonal disorders, fever and sexually transmitted diseases.

As a result, it is important to monitor any changes in the body in order to feel like a full-fledged person in every sense of the word. Seminal fluid will always be normal if the correct lifestyle, contraception and timely examination with an accompanying specialist are the first priority.

Interruption of sexual intercourse

Intermittent intercourse - the penis exits the vagina before ejaculation. During sex, only Cooper's fluid is released from the body. As the experiment proves, there is no sperm there, which means that it is impossible to get pregnant from it. However, fertilization of the egg during an interrupted movement occurs very often.

This method of protection is not effective for the following reasons:

  • very late removal of the penis (often this happens with premature ejaculation);
  • the rest of the spermatozoa in the urinary tract after the previous intercourse (they penetrate the female body together with Cooper's fluid);
  • strong extreme excitement that the man cannot control his ejaculation.

The most common case of egg fertilization is late removal of the penis from the vagina. A man may not even suspect that ejaculation has begun.

Pre-seed creates a favorable environment for sperm during fertilization of the egg. It cannot cause pregnancy by itself. However, you should not use coitus interruptus as a contraceptive. Its efficiency is quite low.

Pregnancy can cause pregnancy

Features of discharge during pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy, the hormonal state of the body changes. Clear discharge in women at the beginning of pregnancy is characterized by abundance due to increased blood circulation in the genitals. They usually have a runny and watery consistency.

Until the end of pregnancy, their number increases even more, they become more abundant and more mucous. During this period, transparent prolonged discharge in women is considered the norm. Manifestations in the form of very liquid secretion at the end of the labor period indicate the danger of premature birth. This may be the separation of amniotic fluid.

ejaculation pain in men

Blood-tinged discharge after birth becomes clear at the end of the seventh or eighth week after the birth of the baby. At first, they consist of a large amount of thick mucus, then they become more liquid, transparent, as before pregnancy. Their number becomes quite insignificant until the end of the period of breastfeeding. Discoloration, appearance of external odor, pain, swelling, itching or other abnormalities indicate a disease.