About the benefits of nuts for potency

walnut for potency

Often men take some steps to treat erectile dysfunction only when it is too late. Isn't it better to do prevention as early as possible so as not to torture yourself, your partner, spend money on good andrologists, or even go under the surgeon's knife? There is an easier way - prevention of impotence. One of the methods is the use of nuts for potency. It turns out that this is the first essential product for almost any man.

Which nuts are exactly good for potency?

Can you name at least two types of nuts? Most people think of walnuts or hazelnuts, which are the most popular. However, the potential benefit product is represented by a greater variety. There are at least 10 answers to the question of which nuts increase potency.


walnut for potency

Of all types, walnuts are the most useful for potency. By chance, it is the easiest to find. In the southern regions, the trees grow quite well - you can grow them in the yard like hazelnuts. If this is not possible, you can always buy.

Overweight men should use walnuts with caution, because 100 g of kernels contain about 650 kcal. About 16% of calories come from vegetable protein, and another 10% comes from complex carbohydrates and fiber. Walnut contains beta-carotene, vitamins E, C, group B. Of the minerals, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron are especially mentioned.


brazil nut for sweating

The world's largest Brazil nut, the size of a small orange, contains 659 kcal per 100 g of product, almost 70% fat, 15% protein, but only 5% carbohydrates. The benefits of potency are due to the content of vitamin E, phytoncides, selenium. These substances stimulate the natural production of testosterone, improve potency, suppress premature orgasm.


Australian sweat nut

Small Australian nuts contain essential oils, nicotinic acid, vitamins B6 and healthy fats that make up to 60% of all substances. The calorie content is more than 700 kcal per 100 g, so overweight men should use nuts with caution. In addition to improving potency, walnuts help against depression and a number of cardiovascular diseases.

Cashew nuts

cashews for potency

There are about 650 kcal per 100 g of cashews. Nuts are rich in protein - about 26% of calories, fatty acids 54%, carbohydrates only 13%. Cashews contain provitamin A, vitamins C, E, B, which are responsible for maintaining the normal functioning of the male reproductive system and improving potency. The daily norm does not exceed 30 g.


pecans for strength

It is one of the highest calorie nuts with about 700 kcal per 100 g. It has a sweet taste, is a relative of the walnut, but is native to North America. The concentration of healthy fats reaches 72%, carbohydrates are minimal - no more than 5%, and there is also a small amount of protein - 10%. Pecans are rich in B vitamins, provitamin A and also contain arginine.


hazelnuts for potency

On the surface, hazelnuts seem to have fewer calories than other nuts, but this is not the case. 100 g of product contains 679 kcal. 25% comes from plant-based protein, 15% from carbohydrates, and about 60% from fat. Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins E, D, K, C and B, as well as provitamin A. There is a lot of selenium, nickel, zinc, chromium, all of which increase potency. Daily intake - up to 50 g.


pine nuts for strength

Pine nuts are high in calories (about 670 kcal per 100 g), contain 68% polyunsaturated fatty acids, 14% carbohydrates, and a similar amount of vegetable protein. The set of vitamins is represented by group B, vitamins K, C, E, provitamin A. All of them are involved in the synthesis of testosterone, so their benefits for men's health are simply undeniable.


pistachios for strength

They are distinguished by a high content of arginine - amino acids involved in the synthesis of nitric oxide. This substance dilates blood vessels during sexual arousal, which stimulates potency. 100 g of pistachios contain 560 kcal, 20% protein, 45% fatty acids, and about 28% carbohydrates. As in nuts, there is a complete set of vitamins for potency. The norm for a day is 30 grams.


almonds for potency

Like pistachios, almonds also contain arginine. There are 579 kcal in 100 g, according to the amount of protein, it is one of the champions among all types - more than 30%. Fatty acids are also sufficient - 60%. There are practically no carbohydrates, about 10%, almost all of which is fiber. It contains vitamins E, C, B group, as well as a set of micro and macro elements useful for potency. The daily norm is 50 grams.


nutmeg for potency

An effective natural aphrodisiac, it is considered by many people as a spice because it is combined with a unique aroma. The calorie content is one of the lowest - only 525 kcal per 100 g of product. 35% of them are fatty acids, 10% are essential oils, 25% are carbohydrates, and the rest are divided among themselves by fiber and vegetable proteins.

How to increase the benefits of nuts?

By themselves, nuts are effective for potency in men, but their benefits can be increased to a higher level when eaten as part of special meals. Do not be afraid - it is easy to cook.

Recipes with nutmeg

Best of all, the component is absorbed in fried form, but it is better to refuse to buy a ready-made mixture, instead grind it yourself. The powder can be used in such recipes for potency:

  • Heat a glass of milk slightly above room temperature, then add 1/4 of the nutmeg powder to it. Mix thoroughly, use the mixture before going to bed to improve potency.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of ginger and the same amount of nutmeg powder. Knead the mixture in 250 ml of kefir. Divide into two parts, drink one in the morning and the second before going to bed.
  • Grind two nuts, add the resulting powder to 500 ml of water. Bring this solution to a boil, then leave to cool for 60 minutes. Drink throughout the day.

Recipes with nutmeg work best before bed as they can help with insomnia. Regular use significantly improves potency, prevents dysfunctions.

Recipes with walnuts

As with nutmeg, walnuts perform better in crushed or crushed form as they are better digested in the intestines. Useful recipes for potency:

  • Grind 100 g of walnut kernels in a blender and pour three tablespoons of honey. It's best to use jasmine, but if you don't have that, buckwheat or anything floral will do. Sprinkle the finished mixture with lemon juice, then consume.
  • Pour 15 walnut kernels, 50 g of pre-peeled ginger root into a handful. Put everything in a blender or meat grinder, grind thoroughly. Squeeze lemon juice into this mixture, then pour liquid honey. Mix, eat - it's a delicious dessert.
  • Put 5-7 walnut kernels in a blender bowl, add a banana with a glass of natural yogurt. Start mixing, wait until the contents of the bowl become a homogeneous mixture. Pour into a glass, consume immediately, preferably after rising.

Along with honey, not only walnuts, but any other is useful. The sweet product itself has a positive effect on potency, due to which it complements the properties of nuts well.

Alcohol tinctures

Alcoholic tinctures made on the basis of medicinal plants have long proven themselves. However, in a similar way, you can make nut potions that have the desired effect on male potency. There are many different recipes, but not many proven ones:

  • After the next nut-eating session, collect 30 partitions from them, pour them into a glass jar. Pour 100 ml of ordinary vodka into it, close it tightly, leave it in a dark place for 7 days. When the time comes, drink 20-40 drops before dinner.
  • Mix 150 g of grated ginger and the same amount of nutmeg powder, then add 500 g of anise seeds to this mixture. Pour all this with 800 ml of alcohol, leave to brew for a week. When ready, drink the medicine three times a day, 50 ml.
  • Pour 3 liters of vodka into a container, throw 200 g of pine nuts into the shell. Put this solution in a dark, cool place, infuse for 30 days. As soon as the tincture is ready, filter, drink 50 g every week in the evening.

Tinctures are good, but remember that you should not abuse alcohol, especially if there are problems with potency. Use these recipes with caution, never forget about the measure.

Healthy nut mixes

For potency, nuts can be mixed with each other, not only that. This is better because each form contains or lacks certain components that the others do not. This deficiency should be eliminated by mixing 4-5 different types of nuts and pouring yogurt. Add 4-5 slices of ginger and a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture for more benefits.

You can improvise by making your own interesting and tasty combinations of nuts, either with each other or with other products. In this case, you can completely surrender to your imagination.

What nuances need to be understood?

It is important to know which nuts are suitable for potency for men, but a person who understands how to use this product correctly has no less power. It doesn't seem like anything complicated - you take it and eat it, but there are some nuances in this case too. To get the desired effect, consider the following:

  1. nuts are a high-calorie product, so do not consume more than 35-50 grams per day;
  2. if possible, alternative types of nuts to obtain a nutritional spectrum;
  3. a single dose will not give iron strength, it must be used regularly;
  4. before use, make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the product;
  5. pay attention to the expiration date - usually no more than 6-12 months.

To prevent amino acid balance, do not mix nuts with dough, add them to cereal bowls or muesli. If the food is too boring, use the recipes above or add it to sour milk, meat dishes or desserts. This way you will get more benefits.

What else is there for potency?

useful products for potential

Nuts for male potency are not the only products that stimulate erection. There are other foods that can be used to prevent male impotence:

  • oily fish. Salmon, herring, trout and tuna are especially useful for potency. Fish is important for the heart and blood vessels, the components included in the composition stop inflammatory processes.
  • Dairy products. They contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are involved in the production of testosterone. Protein itself is important for every man.
  • Pomegranate. Fruit seeds are a natural potential stimulant. In addition to its aphrodisiac properties, it is useful in protecting the prostate gland and preventing the risk of cancer.
  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal porridge in the morning will saturate the body with a whole galaxy of useful substances. These are vegetable protein, selenium, vitamin B1, manganese, fiber, tryptophan.
  • Tomato. Vegetables prepared with them are a source of lycopene, an antioxidant that has a positive effect on sperm concentration in the seed.
  • banana. They contain a lot of potassium and magnesium, which are responsible for regulating the work of the nervous system. Bananas also contain a lot of vitamin B6, which strengthens the immune system.

In addition, it is worth enriching the diet with leafy greens, spinach, red and yellow vegetables, as well as spices such as cinnamon, ginger and hot pepper. Pay special attention to products containing zinc - the substance stimulates the natural production of testosterone.

Regardless of your age and success with women, review your diet. Avoid fatty, fried and fast carbohydrate foods. Replace with products from the list above and don't forget about nuts. Remember that prevention is the best thing you can do for your health. Knowing which nuts are best for potency can do you a huge favor.