Folk remedies to increase potency

folk remedies to increase potency

The golden rule of youth health still stands. Moreover, when you reach (on average) 25 years of age, you are responsible for your health only to yourself and to your lover. Undoubtedly, a wife, a lovely girl, and even a harem are waiting at home! Timely preventive therapy of sexual health will not make you blush in front of the chosen one even after 20 years!

First, don't forget the basic principles of good health. Good sleep, proper nutrition, rational exercise are the keys to physical well-being. The above affects not only the systematic nature of sex, but also its quality.

You can also increase the potential with the help of folk remedies. So, if you're not allergic to bee products, start buying pollen! It contains a number of valuable amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the organs of the genitourinary system. It is desirable to take pollen three times a day on an empty stomach.

Royal jelly, bee, of course, is also distinguished by its positive properties. It can either be consumed in its natural form or replaced by the pharmacy version, a tablet form with a high percentage of miracle cure.

The following recipe will help to strengthen not only potency, but also immunity. Chopped raisins, dried apricots, walnuts (each product - 0. 5 kg. ), three lemons should be mixed with honey (1 kg) and the obtained result should be brewed in the cold. Reception three times a day 30 minutes before meals. Sometimes aloe and Cahors are added to enhance the taste.

Probably, everyone has heard about the magical effect of wheat germ on the whole body. Cereal sprouts contain the maximum amount of amino acids necessary for the synthesis of proteins in the body. Eating wheat germ saves the energy needed to convert proteins into the amino acids that make up the body's own proteins. In other words, sprouts are a ready-made energy product. Chew this option thoroughly and eat it on an empty stomach.

There is an opinion that folk remedies can cure diseases that official medicine cannot cope with. As a result, when he has health problems, instead of going to the doctor and getting adequate treatment, he cooks and drinks foul-smelling decoctions, chews grass, or enjoys his own urine. Sometimes men try to increase potency with such stupid methods. Do folk remedies work? Ironically, in some cases they are actually effective.

Potency for commonly used folk remedies

By potency, people usually mean the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. In sexology, this term refers to a man's ability to have sex. To increase this ability, most sources on the Internet suggest using the following folk remedies "proven for centuries":

  1. Nuts with honey. Honey is a common remedy against all diseases in folk medicine. Nuts are a source of energy and strength. According to those who love traditional medicine, a mixture of honey and nuts can increase male potency within a few days.
  2. Nuts with sour cream. Dairy products are used for strength. The reason for such high confidence by men is clear: sour cream looks like sperm. In fact, even if sour cream actually turns into sperm when it enters the body, it will not change anything, because the ability to maintain an erection does not depend on the amount of ejaculation.
  3. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are most commonly used to remove worms, but are also used for urological ailments. After thinking about this, some people come to the conclusion that since the organs of the reproductive and urinary systems are close, it is possible that pumpkin seeds not only restore normal urination, but also increase its potency.
  4. Tincture of garlic. Garlic, according to popular opinion, is a remedy for all diseases without exception. With a violation of potency, this plant, of course, copes quite successfully.
  5. Nettle decoction. Perhaps nettle can improve erection. Without a doubt, whipping nettle between your legs right before sex will increase blood flow to the penis. It can even cause a temporary increase in the size of the manhood. Unfortunately, the internal use of nettle, that is, the use of a decoction or tincture from the leaves of the plant, is not recommended for strength. In this form, it is unlikely to have a significant effect on male potency.

The stupidest folk remedy for potency

All folk remedies listed for potency are stupid to shame. But if you search carefully on the Internet, you will find much more absurd advice from "experts" on folk remedies for erectile dysfunction. Here are TOP 5 stupid tips that will help you increase your potential:

  1. Eat foods that contain zinc. This trace element is part of the male hormone testosterone.
  2. Apply mustard plasters on your feet. Then put on your socks and jump into bed. It is guaranteed that the duration of sexual intercourse will increase several times.
  3. Apply ice to different parts of the body. In general, you need to remove half a kilogram of ice from the freezer and wrap it with a towel or several layers of cheesecloth. Then apply this bag to the back of the head for a minute, then to the heart, and then to the testicles.
  4. Eat more bananas. The unity of the authors of such recommendations is obvious, so this advice does not need comments.
  5. Walk barefoot in the grass. The plant will affect the acupuncture points located on the feet. They are responsible for male strength.

The mechanism of action of most folk remedies

Surprisingly, in many cases, everything, even the most stupid folk remedies for potency, really works. How? Indeed, to improve the erection, it is necessary to stimulate the blood flow in the genitals! It is clear that neither nettles, provided they are taken internally, nor bananas, nor walking barefoot can dilate the blood vessels. What is the secret of the effectiveness of folk remedies?

Their mechanism of action is simple. The fact is that the decline in potency in most young men is not organic, but psychological in nature. Their blood has a normal level of sex hormones, normal vessels that are not blocked by atherosclerotic plaques, and normal conduction of nerve impulses. All problems are localized only in their heads.

Even if it is the most stupid and ineffective, after using folk remedies, a person's self-confidence increases. He takes responsibility for the end result, passing it on to nettles or garlic. This allows you to relax. The fear of failure disappears, because in the case of embarrassment, the nettle will be the culprit, not the man. Thus, when using folk remedies, the potential increases due to the fact that a person knows the fact of taking medicine.

Effective folk remedies for impotence

But not all folk remedies work at the placebo level. Here are 5 plants and foods that can physiologically improve male potency:

  1. Spicy food. Statistical studies show that men who regularly take hot spices have more sex. A pinch of red pepper right before sex is unlikely to help you, but it's worth considering including spicy foods in your diet. Of course, provided that you do not suffer from gastric ulcer, otherwise the exacerbation of this disease will make you forget about sexual intercourse for a long time.
  2. Alcohol. You can often read in newspapers or on the Internet that alcohol is harmful to potency. This is not true. Of course, alcoholics who hunt for bottles next to garbage cans cannot boast of outstanding male abilities. But there is no need to go to extremes! Alcohol in small doses is not harmful, but it is useful for potency. First, it improves blood flow to the genitals, and secondly, it has a beneficial effect on the psyche, disinfects the person.
  3. valerian. If anxious, suspicious, fearful people have erection problems, calming herbs will do a great job.
  4. Pantocrine. The most common adaptogen of animal origin, made from deer antlers. Pantocrine acts only one week after the start of administration, and the maximum effect develops after 3-4 weeks. But its effect lasts 1-1, 5 months after the end of the treatment course. Pantocrine does not directly affect the reproductive system. It acts by increasing the body's resistance to factors that have a negative effect on potency.
  5. Herbal adaptogens. Alcohol tinctures of ginseng, eleutherococcus, lemongrass also help to normalize potency by increasing non-specific resistance of the body. Lemon grass is not only adaptogenic, but also has a stimulating effect. If psychogenic factors cause it to decrease, these plants can help increase potency. Folk methods do not work with gross organic pathology. In this case, you should contact an andrologist and increase potency with official medicine.